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How LoveBug

Came to Bee

and other little facts you may want to know about me



It's so nice to meet you! My name is Erika Taylor, and this is my incredible husband, Trevor.

I started LoveBug Boutique one afternoon while speaking with a friend of mine. I had always admired those who had discovered a career fueled by passion. While we chatted, it dawned on me.

Whenever I would wander off in a store, my husband could always find me in one place.

The baby isle. I'd had the passion all along.


Years ago, I had become a preschool teacher. I found out two things about myself. 

One: I will always seek further understanding in how to support children during their early years.

Two: My motherly heart loved every single one of my students beyond what I could have expected.

While Trevor and I await children of our own, providing other families with products we can all love and trust brings me fulfillment.

I continue to research the "why's" behind products,  that way, all of our children are taken care of.

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